Nicklas was born in 1967 and he got his first saluki in 1985, a red bitch from Gunny Blomgren's breeding, Zera'ati El Zin Ishtar (Ch Zohari Javan-Esdevaj x Zera'ati El Zafzintariyya), named "Elin".

On a trip to the US in 1987, Nicklas was amazed by the beautiful tri smooth male Afking Baghdad Katulnas Khalif and some of his offspring, and he decided to get a saluki with him in the pedigree. This put him in contact with Ron & Paula at Baghdad salukis in Australia and in 1990 he purchased a grandson of Khalif, named Baghdad Globetrotter. "Trotter" and Nicklas were quite a special team and those who saw them working together, could see the very special bond they had.

Nicklas has a genuine interest in the breed, pedigrees and breedtype. This has lead him to travel around the world, to see salukis in different countries. The next natural step for him to take, was to educate himself to become a judge in 2003. He is licensed to judge all breeds in group 10 (Sighthounds) and Pharaoh Hound in group 5. Nicklas has judged at sighthound specialties as well as allbreed kennel club shows.

Nicklas, as well as Ingunn have been active boardmembers of dogclubs and such. Nicklas was part of a committee, which arranged the saluki breed conference in Sweden in 2009.

Ingunn, from Norway, was born in 1971. She got her first saluki in 1983, a grizzle bitch named Wenarja's Yad-Rafta (Ch Kashmani's Lanthir-Abshar x Ch Jafara) imported from Sweden. Ingunn had her debute in the showring at Skokloster 1984 and has showed her salukis ever since.

In 1993 she got the black & tan bitch El-Adini Gamil (Ch Volante's Pinot-Nero x Ch El-Adini Ahma), who was her soulmate and companion for 13,5 years. With Zala, Ingunn won top honours in the show ring and they competed in level III in obedience.

In 2002, when she bought Qirmizi Famenne from Nicklas, their common interest was a start of a close relationship, and in 2006, this lead to them getting married. Ingunn has been a partner in the kennel since 2004.

Ingunn is a last year vet-student and besides dogshows, she has a genuine interest in saluki health and the saluki history in Scandinavia. This has inspired her to develop a website, with information about all salukis registered in Norway ever and she has also participated in making a similar site about the Swedish salukis. She has also written an article about the Norwegian salukihistory, from the very first import into the country, as well as an article about the genetics of colours and markings in salukis.

Besides the salukis, which have been a part of Ingunn's life since she was 12, Ingunn used to be a competition dancer, in ballroom and latin and has won bronze medals from both the European and the World championship in latin formation dancing.

Nicklas' sister bred "Elin" to "Trotter" using Nicklas' kennelname in 1992, while Nicklas was in Australia for a year. This was Qirmizi's A-litter, but since this was his sister's breeding, the litter is not mentioned on this site.

As mentioned abow, Nicklas imported Baghdad Globtrotter from Australia in 1987. In 1993 another Australian import came to stay with Nicklas and that was "Trotter's" halfsister Baghdad Azahd Sahar. These two salukis became the parents of Nicklas' first litter, Qirmizi's B-litter in 1994. From this litter, Nicklas kept the black-fringed red, Qirmizi Bellarama. She is the mother of Qirmizi's C- and D-litter.

In 1997 Nicklas went to Germany and bred Bellarama to Ute Lennartz' beautiful red male, Mata Salamata's Jadaan Khan. This resulted in Qirmizi's C-litter, with among others, Qirmizi Cartago. Nicklas kept a gold bitch, Qirmizi Casablanca. She is the mother of Qirmizi's E-, F- and G-litter.

For the D-litter, born in 1999, Nicklas bred Bellarama to his smooth import from Australia, Baghdad Phantom.

The American selfred male Wisdom's Totally Awsome Atom "Tommy" came to live with Nicklas in 1999, as a veteran. He produced a whole litter of reds in 2000, in Qirmizi's E-litter. Qirmizi Casablanca was the dam. Qirmizi Enyelle was Nicklas' choice from this litter. Emerald went to Australia and has sired three litters there. Enyamba has come back to produce one litter at kennel Qirmizi.

To produce Qirmizi's F-litter in 2001, Casablanca was bred to a Tommy-son, Badavie Seregon Camel. Qirmizi Famenne went to live with Ingunn. Farah Keife moved to Denmark, but came back for a visit and produced the beautiful Qirmizi H-litter. She is also mother of Qirmizi's L-litter.

In 2003, Nicklas imported another American saluki, Castlebay Enzo Ferrari, "Enzo" lives with his co-owner, only 20 minutes away from Villa Qirmizi. He has sired one Qirmizi-litter, the H-litter.

In 2004, Casablanca was bred for the third and last time. She was inseminated according to the Norwegian insemination method (transcervical intra uterine insemination), with frozen semen from the American Globetrotter-son, Shiraz Global Storm and produced Qirmizi's G-litter, with nine puppies. Nicklas and Ingunn's choice from this litter was the wellbuilt cream bitch, Qirmizi Global Temptress,."Gucci". Qirmizi Global Challenger went to Australia and Qirmizi Global Intrigue went to stay with her sire in California. This was the first litter Ingunn was involved in and she became a partner in kennel Qirmizi later that year.

The owner of Qirmizi Farah Keife generously offered Nicklas and Ingunn to lease her and in 2005 she and Castlebay Enzo Ferrari produced 10 puppies in Qirmizi's H-litter. The grizzle bitch Qirmizi Hermione was kept from this litter. Qirmizi Hilaal went to stay with his sire's breeders in California.

The owners of Qirmizi Enyamba offered Nicklas and Ingunn to breed Enyamba in 2006. The sire of Qirmizi's I-litter, was a young Finish irish-marked grizzle, Aziz Ushnisha. They produced surpisingly enough a whole litter of grizzles, even though Enya is a selfred.

In 2006, Carol Waymire, Hounds of Wisdom gave Nicklas and Ingunn the opportunity to show Wisdom's Destiny Challenger-"Mario" in Sweden and he moved from California to live with them, from May 2006 to October 2008. He sired two litters in Sweden during that time, one at kennel Badavie and one at kennel Dabka.

In 2007, the close friend of Nicklas and Ingunn, Elisabeth Espedal Hoogstrate, kindly offered them to breed her beautiful Gaby's last litter. Gaby is Int N S Ch NV-05 Barakisch Narm Xubi de Lunduki. She was bred to Int Nord Ch Badavie Seregon Camel, who is a "Tommy" son. This breeding resulted in Qirmizi's J-litter, with five males and two females. Jameeli moved to the the breeder of Gaby's sire in France and made it possible for them to continue their breeding with their own lines.

In May the same year Harley (Shiraz California Dreamin') came to live with us. Harley is a stud puppy from Mikael & Elena Edwards and Valerie Nuņes-Atkinson, since they bred their beautiful black-fringed red girl, Ch Enchanted Shiraz Dreamcatcher JC to Nicklas' Baghdad Globetrotter in 2006, by using 10 year old frozen semen from Trotter.

The year after, in 2008 Nicklas and Ingunn was so lucky to be able to use another one of Ute Lennartz' special males, to breed to Qirmizi Heninne. Three puppies, two males and one female was born that fall in Qirmizi's K-litter.

In 2009 Ch Qirmizi Farah Keife stayed in Nicklas and Ingunn's home for a year. During that time, they were offered to lease her again. This time they decided to breed her to Harley. The litter was born in May 2009 and consisted of three males and two females. This was Qirmizi's L-litter.

Qirmizi's M-litter was born in July 2010, when Gucci; Ch Qirmizi Global Temptress gave birth to nine puppies. The five girls and four boys are sired by a Danish fawn saluki Ch Feisal's Fadil Fariq Ibn Salar, who is a grandson of Tommy by the way. The fawn bitch Magnolia was their pick from this litter and lives with the rest of the Salukis at Villa Qirmizi.

In 2011 Qirmizi Hermione was inseminated with semen from Globetrotter's son, the sire of the G-litter; Ch Shiraz Global Storm and three girls and three boys were born in Qirmizi-s N-litter.

In 2012 they imported semen from a Saluki they had admired for a long time, Ch Anjal Sahara Habib. His pedigree is a blend of old American and Scandinavian lines. Only one puppy was born in the O-litter and he chose to stay with Nicklas and Ingunn.

Habib was also the choice when Gucci's daughter, Qirmizi Magnolia was bred in 2013. There are four boys and one girl in Qirmizi's P-litter.