CIBP Int Nord Fi Ch Se No LC Ch
DkV-09 KbhV-10

Qirmizi Hermione
Born: 2005-06-16

Coco BOS specialty September 2006

Group third MyDog Göteborg January 2007

BIS-junior May 2007

BOB and new Finish champion Turku, Finland January 2008

Best in Show Norway January 2009

BIS-2 Norway January 2009

Coco winning her first Swedish lure coursing CC in April 2009

Sighthound BIS November 2009

BOB and new Norwegian lure coursing champion April 2010

Group first SKK Österbybruk May 2010

Group first SKK Högbo Bruk September 2010

Group first DKK Ballerup, Denmark, KbHV-10 September 2010