Gucci (Qirmizi Global Temptress) 9,5 years old, resting

Mindy (Qirmizi Famenne) sleeping in my bed

Coco (Qirmizi Hermione) and her friend Pernilla

Coco and Pernilla at Villa Qirmizi, Photo by Ebba Leijon

Qirmizi L'Aquila

Harley by the pool in Orlando, 6,5 years old

Ingunn and Katie (Qirmizi Magnolia)

Qirmizi Meridian enjoying a swim

Wilma (Qirmizi Mirabelle)

Qirmizi Nayaali and her best friend

Katie (Qirmizi Magnolia) after a walk in the forest

Qirmizi Narbonne dreaming about...

Wilma (Qirmizi Mirabelle) is acting offended by Bowie (Qirmizi Narbonne)

Wilma hunting Bowie

Baby Bowie at the beach in Denmark

Wilma telling her friend Ice to back off!

Wilma investigating the waves September 2011

Wilma (Qirmizi Mirabelle) at the Oslo fjord

Texas enjoying September sun at the Oslo fjord

Puppy Meridian on the beach

Mindy enjoying summer in the garden

Mindy winning Best in Show at the sighthound specialty 2009