Katie (Qirmizi Magnolia) waiting to attack Ice

Katie and her friend Ice playing on the golf course

Girlpower 1: Katie and Gucci (Qirmizi Global Temptress) against Ice

Rios (Qirmizi Ovation) dancing with Ice

Nice butt, Katie ;-)



Puppy Katie playing in the snow

Gucci in deep snow

Gucci having a ball

Gucci smiling

Gucci on the way

Snowman Texas

Gucci chasing Mindy (Qirmizi Famenne) in the forest

Crazy-Wilma (Qirmizi Mirabelle)

Gucci looking for something to chase

Girlpower 2: Mindy and Gucci against Whisky

Mindy chasing Whisky

Coco in deep, deep snow

Coco chasing Harley

Coco looking for trouble