Dog of The Year Denmark 2011
No 3 Dog of The Year Norway 2008
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Qirmizi Global Temptress
Born: 2004-03-08

Gucci is our choice from the G-litter and was our pick because she is very sound and well put together.  She is from a very special litter with nine puppies, which was a result of a transcervical intrauterine insemination with frozen semen.

She has done very well in the showring and has won specialty BIS and several allbreed Best in Shows. In 2005 Gucci was salukibitch of the year and # 10 all breeds in Sweden and Saluki of the Year in Norway. In 2006 Gucci was once again salukibitch of the year, Sighthound of The Year and #9 all breeds in Sweden. In Norway she was Saluki of the Year, second year in a row and Sighthound of the Year. 2008 was a very good showyear, as she ended as No 3 all breeds in Norway. She was also Saluki of the year and Sighthound of the year in Norway in 2008. Eventually in 2011 Gucci was Dog of The Year, all breeds in Denmark.

All in all, she has won Best of Breed more than 40 times, 23 of which at kennelclub allbreed shows. She has won the group 28 times and placed in Best In Show 19 times, 6 of which as Best in Show-1, two times in Sweden, two times in Norway and two times in Denmark.

Gucci's beautiful conformation is complimented by her elegant, smooth lines and her open, light and floating side gait. She also possesses several noteworthy breed details including long saluki feet and high set ears.

Gucci has a sweet, affectionate personality, but once in the showring she becomes aloof and dignified. Gucci is always very alert and loves being involved in whatever we are doing. It doesn’t take a lot to make her wag her tail. In addition to her constantly wagging tail, Gucci has two more unique characteristics. One of them is "talking". She always has a lot to tell us when we get home and there is no way she will let us forget her when we are getting ready for our walks in the forest. And if she is bored, she will definitely let us know! Her other specialty is kissing. If she isn't able to get close to us, she blows us kisses, which is very sweet!

Gucci has lure coursing licence.

In 2010 Gucci gave birth to nine puppies, sired by Ch Feisal's Fadil Fariq Ibn Salar. This is our M-litter. In 2012 she gave us our first singleton puppy, Qirmizi Ovation.


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