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We had a fantastic week in Orlando and the showresults were overwhelming! Harley was invited to compete in the special invitational show; Eukanuba World Challenge, since he was Best in Show at the World Dog Show in Salzburg. Before he entered the wonderful arena for this show in the evening, he was competing in the prestigeous allbreed show AKC Eukanuba National Championship Show and won BOB under breed specialist Anne MacDonald (Mabrooka Salukis), from Great Britain. It was such an honour to win the breed at this prestigeous show and under a breed specialist.

In the evening he was shown in Eukanuba World Challenge, a show where the mostwining dogs from all over the world meet to compete. Harley was judged in section four. This was a section with extremely tough competition. Judge Ramon Podesta from Chile chose Harley among the three from his section to compete in the final the day after.

Directly after the seminfinals in the Eukanuba World Challenge, Harley went to compete in the Hound Group at the AKC Eukanuba National. Carla Molinari, from Portugal gave him the group! What a day!!!

On Sunday, after a good nights rest, we went back to the showground to compete with Harley in two Best In Show finals. First he competed in the Eukanuba World Challenge final, where 12 finalists had been chosen by four judges the day before. Luis Pinto Teixeira picked Harley as Runner-up in Show (BIS-2) to the impressive black standard poodle, representing the USA.

Two hours later Harley competed in the Best in Show final for AKC Eukanuba National Championship Show. Together with USA'a toppwinning dogs, he competed under Mr Edd Bivin, from USA for Best in Show and reserve Best in Show. Best in Show went to the fox terrier and Harley won the reserve Best in Show! What a recognition of our Saluki!

Harley BOB under Anne MacDonald

Harley runner-up BIS in Eukanuba World Challenge

Harley reserve BIS AKC Eukanuba National

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While we were in Orlando for the Eukanuba World Challenge, Linda Frisén showed Katie at the Swedish Winner Show in Stockholm. They did wonderful together and Katie was BOB and group first under Bjørg Foss, from Norway. This gave Katie two more titles; the international show champion title CIB and the Swedish Winner title, SeV-12. She is now Int Se No Dk Ch, JEuW-11 NoV-11 NordV-12 SeV-12 Qirmizi Magnolia!

Thank you so much Linda for showing her and thank you Pernilla for bringing her and taking such good care of Miss Katie during the whole weekend.

This was the final show in Sweden in 2012 and Katie ended the year as No 1 Saluki! This is quite an achievement, since she is only 2,5 years old. In Denmark Katies brother Se Dk Ch NordJV-11 Qirmizi Meridian was Saluki og The Year as well! Well done, Lena and Janne!


Katie was shown at the Nordic Winner Show in Herning, Denmark and won the breed under judge Roberto Schill, Romania. She was also group first under Hetty Lee-Grevelt, from Holland. She is now Swedish Norwegian and Danish champion, JEuW-11 NoV-11 and Nordic Winner 2012 Qirmizi Magnolia.

Photo: Martin Wacherhausen


At the inofficial Salukispecialty in Gothenburg, Miss Katie (EuJW-11 NV-11 Se No Ch Qirmizi Magnolia) was best bitch and BOS under Linda Frisén Johansson.


The day after the specialty there was a national lure coursing competition in Denmark and Qirmizi Larika al Feisal was best saluki AND Best in Field! Huge congrats to Larika's owners Anette Christensen and Birgitte Horne-Nielsen!


At the sighthound specialty in Gilleleje, Denmark, the littermates Wilma and Xavi did so well under Henrik Härling, from Sweden. Wilma (NordJV-11 Qirmizi Mirabelle) won the CAC and gained her Danish championtitle. She was also BOS, while Xavi (NordJV-11 Se Dk Ch Qirmizi Meridian) was best of breed.


Miss Katie (EuJW-11 NoV-11 SE NO CH Qirmizi Magnolia) was BOB and won the CACIB at the international allbreed show in Sofiero today. Her brother NordJV-11 Qirmizi Meridian was best male with CAC and CACIB and gained his Swedish and Danish championship. Judge was Ray Lindholm, from Sweden. In the group Marit Sunde, Norway placed Katie as second.


Australian Grand Champion Qirmizi Global Challenger has been retired for some time, but was shown at the 2012 Spring Fair International and gained his Supreme Championship. Huge congrats Helen and Le! Sven looks stunning as ever!


At the international allbreedshow in Askersund, Sweden Qirmizi Merlot won his third CAC and in a row and this qualified for his championtitle. Merlot was also Best male and BOS. Katie (Se No CH EuJW-11 NoV-11 Qirmizi Magnolia) won the breed and was later group second. Judge was Svante Frisk from Sweden.


At the national allbreedshow near by Arcachon Int Cat CH Qirmizi L'Aquila won the CAC and was BOS under judge Boujasson. Congratulations Yves and Sandrine!

At the international allbreed show in Ransäter Qirmizi Merlot won his second CAC and was third best male. Judge was Ann-Christine Johansson, from Sweden. Well done, Lena! Congratulations!

2012-07-28/29 Skokloster Summer Show

Miss Katie (Se No CH EuJW-11 NoV-11 Qirmizi Magnolia) won the championclass out of 22 at the Salukispecialty at Tammsvik and was also second best bitch out of 100 bitches. Judge was Jean-Luc Lemouzy (Al Zubeyda), from France.

On the following day at the Sighthound Specialty "Skokloster Summer Show", our 10,5 years old Mindy (BIS SBIS Int Nord Ch KbhW-03 NW-03 SW-03 FinW-04 VDH EuSg-05 NW-07 Qirmizi Famenne) won the veteran bitch class of 9  and placed as second best bitch out of 90 bitches! Judge on Sunday was Norm Strathdee, from Australia. Mindy was later competing against the other sighthoundveterans and won Veteran in Show! This was judged by Jean-Luc Lemouzy. What a weekend!

More pictures from the weekend here!


At the international allbreed show in Köping, Sweden Se No CH EuJW-11 NV-11 Qirmizi Magnolia won Best of Breed, with CACIB under Nina Karlsdotter. She was later runner-up in group under Per Lundström.



Qirmizi Mirage had a fantastic weekend! On Saturday she won BOB, with the CAC at the Danish Sighthound specialty in Nørresundby, under Marliese Müller, from Switzerland. The day after, she participated in her first lure coursing competition and won the lure coursing CAC!!!! Huge congratulations Pia!



Qirmizi L'Aquila was BOB and won the CAC and the CACIB at Portugalete (Bilbao) International Show under Carmen Navarro Guisado. Huge congrats to Yves and Sandrine!

At the same day, AmsterdamJW-11 and LuxJCH NLJCH Qirmizi Manoir won the CAC at the Sighthound Specialty in Luxemburg. Judge was Mr Laurent Heinesche. Congratulations Andréa!


At the international allbreed show in Tvååker, Sweden EuJW-11 NV-11 Qirmizi Magnolia won the CAC from first time in Open Class. This qualified for her championship and she is now Swedish and Norwegian champion. Katie was also best bitch second. Judge was Göran Bodegård.


Qirmizi Merlot won his first CAC at the international allbreed show in Borås today. He was also third best male. Katie was third best bitch and got the reserve-CAC. Judge was Carina Ekwall, from Sweden.


Dutch Youth Champion, Amsterdam Youth Winner and Luxembourg Youth Champion Qirmizi Manoir won the CAC at the Luxemburg Sighthound Festival , Judge was Mr Laurent Heinesche. Congratulations Andréa!


NordJV-12 Qirmizi Meridian won his third Danish CAC at the international allbreed show in Ballerup on Saturday under Yolanda Nagler, from Israel. He was also second best male with reserve CACIB. On Sunday  Qirmizi Mirage won the CACIB and was second best bitch and Meridian won another CAC, reserve-CACIB and was second best male. This time under Kresten Scheel, from Denmark. Congratulations Pia and Lena!


EuJW-11 NV-11 Qirmizi Magnolia won the CAC at the sighthound specialty in Tånga Hed, Vårgårda under judge Marie Gadolin, from Sweden. Later that day she won Best in Show youngster under Iva Kimmelman (Merci Isle whippets), from USA.


Qirmizi Maybelline won back-to-back best of breed in Mo i Rana under the judges Lars Adeheimer, from Sweden and Birgitta Svarstad, from Sweden. She won the group the first day and was runner-up the second day. Congratulations Margrete! Well done!


On day two at the Sighthound specialty in Hasmark, Denmark Wilma's brother Qirmizi Maestro won his second CAC. He was also best male two. Judge was Tarah Jenkins-Jagi, from Ireland. Well done Annette!


At the Sighthound specialty in Hasmark, Denmark Wilma, NordJV-11 Qirmizi Mirabelle won her second CAC under Wim Wiersma, from Holland and was thrid best bitch. Congratulations Mette and Martin!


In Hungary Qirmizi L'Aquila won her last CACIB today under Iveta Vojtekova, Slovenia and is now international champion as well. Huge congrats to Yves and Sandrine!


In Varaždin, Croatia Qirmizi Nardini won BIS junior at the Sighthound specialty under George Kostopoulos, from Greece. Congratulations Darko and Maja!


At the world dog show in Salzburg, Austria Dutch Youth Champion, Amsterdam JW-11 and LuxJCH NLJCH Qirmizi Manoir won intermediate class and Int Nord Sl Si Am Grand Ch NoW-07 WW-09 DKW-09 SW-10 EuW-10 DKV-10 EuW-11 SeW-11 NordW-11 Shiraz California Dreamin' won the breed under Dr Peter Friedrich, from Germany. He was later group first under Rafael de Santiago, from Puerto Rico.

Manoir winning intermediate class

Harley winning best male

After a day off spent in the mountains outside Salzburg, we went back for the big final judged by FCI president Hans Müller, from Switzerland. In strong competition Harley won BEST IN SHOW at the World Show, beating almost 20.000 other dogs! What a day!

Thank you everyone for the amazing support we have recieved after this fantastic win!

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Qirmizi Mirage got her lure coursing license today and is now ready to compete! Congratulations Pia!


Qirmizi Merlot was BOB and BIS-2 at the show in Skövde today. Huge congrats to "Winston's" owner Lena Granath!


NordJV-11 Qirmizi Meridian won his fifth CAC in a row today, when he was shown at the Danish Sighthound club's specialty under Birthe Scheel, from Denmark. He was BOB, BIS-youngster and Best in Show 3. Congratulations Lena and Janne and well done Lena on handling Xavi!


Dutch Youth Champion, Amsterdam Youth Winner and Luxembourg Youth Champion Qirmizi Manoir won VDH-CAC at the Sighthound specialty in Düsseldorf-Issum in Germany. Judge was Olaf Knauber, from Germany. Congratulations Andréa!


EuJW-11 NV-11 Qirmizi Magnolia won the CAC and CACIB at the international show in Bø, Norway today under Luís Manuel Calado Catalan, from Portugal.


At the international allbreed show in Fredericia, Denmark NordJV-11 Qirmizi Mirabelle was Best of breed under Andrej Kazmierski, from Poland. Her brother NordJV-11 Qirmizi Meridian was BOS. They both won the CAC and CACIB. Wilma was later group fourth under Svend Løvenkjær, Denmark.


At the first show of the year, NordJV-11 Qirmizi Meridian won the CC, the CACIB and was second best male. This was his third CC in a row. Judge was Åke Cronander, from Sweden.

Harley ended the year 2011 as No 1 all breeds in Sweden and Gucci ended the year 2011 as No 1 all breeds in Denmark. Thank you so much for all the support we have been given through the year!