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We had a fantastic weekend in Helsinki, Finland. We showed our young boy Rios and he won Best of Breed on Saturday at the Nordic winner show under Benny Blid von Schedvin. He won the CAC, the CACIB and Nordic Winner title. Later he woas Best in Group under Magnus Hagstedt and BIS-2 under Carlos Renau, from Spain at only 16 months of age. There were 8.700 dogs entered at this spectacular show!

On Sunday at the Finnish Winner Show Rios won the breed, with FiV-13, CAC and CACIB. This time under Sally Stasytis, from Australia. Later he was group first under Claudio Montefusco, from Italy. There were 7800 dogs entered at the show. We are so proud of our young boy.


Fi Ee Ru Ch Qirmizi Jericho was BOB and group second at the international show in St Petersburg, Russia today. Congratulations Susanna!


Fi Ee Ch Qirmizi Jericjcho won the CAC, the CACIB and was best male at the international show in St Petersburg, Russia. Judge was Åge Gjetnes. He is now Russian champion.


Qirmizi Larika won Best of Breed at the Sighthound specialty in Nyborg, Denmark under Outi Piisi-Putta, from Finland. In the final she was third Best in Show under Ingrid Krah-Heiermann, from Germany. She ended the year as Saluki of The Year in Denmark. Huge congratulations to Birgitte Horne-Nielsen and Annette Christensen!


At the allbreed show in Karlovac in Croatis Qirmizi Nardini was Best of Breed and group second under Zeljka Fon Zidar, from Slovenia.

"Harry" with his owner Maja


Gucci won the breed over 45 Salukis at the international allbreed show in Sofiero today. Judge was Laurent Heinesche, from Luxemburg.


At the international allbreed show in Öland, Sweden Int Nord NordJV-11 NoV-12 Qirmizi Meridian was Best of Breed under Anette Edlander, Sweden and group second under Svante Frisk. Well done Lena!

In Denmark, at the Danish Sighthound Specialty Dk LC Ch Qirmizi Larika al Feisal was BOB under Veronika Kucerova, Chech Republic. She also won the last and qualifying CAC and is now Danish show champion as well as Danish lure coursing champion! Congratulations Annette and Birgitte!

Photo: Kirsi Kärkkäinen

In Croatia Qirmizi Nardini was BOB and won the group under judge Davor Javor.


At the international allbreed show in Oslo, Gucci won Best of Breed, 9 years old under Åge Gjetnes. She later was second in group under Magnus Hagstedt.

Photo: Katarina Pettersson


We had a fantastic day at the international allbreed show in Norrköping. Gucci (BIS Int Nord NV-05 SV-05 NV-06 NordV-06 NV-08 SV-08 NordV-08 KbhV-11 DkV-11 DkkV-11 Qirmizi Global Temptress) won Best veteran in Show and Rios (Qirmizi Ovation) won his second BIS! Breedjudge was Kjell Lindström, Sweden, groupjudge was Ray Lindholm, Sweden and BIS was judged by Weng Woh Chan, Malaysia. More than 2400 dogs were entered.

Photo courtesy: Weng Woh Chan

Gucci BIS veteran
Photo by: Isa Söderkvist

Happy couple after the announcement of BIS was made


What a day! Our youngster Rios won the breed under Gunilla Sandberg, the group under Birgitta Svarstad and Best in Show under Göran Bodegård!!! He is not even one year old!

Photo: Per Undén


Nicklas judged the Skokloster Specialty this weekend. The first day he judged bitches and best bitch was the smooth Ch Husniya Har Kala Rachi, bred in Belgium, but living in Sweden. Nicklas also judged Best in Show this day. The day after, Nicklas judged males and put up the brother of the winning bitch from the day before; Hamza Har Kala Rachi, from Belgium. He also won the CAC and gained his Swedish championship.


Qimmo (Ch Qirmizi Jericho) had another great day in Estonia, when he was Best of Breed and group third under Gabriela Ridarcikova.


In Viimsi, Viimsi Ch Qirmizi Jericho won the CAC and was BOS. This made him new Estonian Champion under judge Gunnar Nyman, from Denmark. Congratulations Susanna!

At the Danish Sighthound Club's specialty in Nørresundby, Qirmizi Mirage won her second CAC under judge Vibeke Ellesøe, from Denmark. Congratulations Pia!


Katie won the breed under Åke Cronander today at the international allbreed show in Tvååker. She was later second in group under Mark Cocozza, from England.


At his third show in adult classes, Rios won his third CAC at the allbreed show in Borås today. Katie was best best of opposite sex. Judge was David Peat, from USA.


Glad midsommar :-D

Photo by Ebba Leijon


At the Saluki specialty in Tånga Hed Rios won the CAC and was third best male, Mindy almost 12 years, was best bitch three and Katie was fourth best bitch. Judge was Ian Rasmussen, Ahmadi Salukis, Australia. Qirmizi won Best in Show breeder's group with Mindy, Katie, Coco and Rios. Four different combinations!

Rios CAC

Mindy 11,5 years old and third best bitch

BIS breeder's group


Rios debut in adult classes was a thrill. He won Best of Breed over 70 salukis at the Sighthound Specialty in Tånga Hed, judged by David Allan, Shikarah Salukis, Spain only 10 months of age. Katie was BOS and The Lady of the house, Mindy was best bitch four. Rios was later BIS-2 under Ian Rasmussen, from Australia.

Katie BOS & Rios BOB

Rios BIS-2


At the international chmpionship show in Marseille, France Ch Qirmizi Jameeli won her class, won the CAC and the CACIB AND was Best of Breed. This made her French champion. Huge congratulations Chantal! Well done! Judge was Mr Cassandre Mattera, from France.


At his last show as a puppy, Rios won Best in Show. This was at the allbreed show in Lidköping and judges were Åge Gjetnes, Kerstin Nilsson.

Photo: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen


In Västerås Rios was BIS-3 puppy and Katie was BOB under Sofie Lönn and group third under Per Iversen.


At the international allbreed show in Luxemburg Qirmizi Joshua and Int Ch Qirmizi Jameeli both won the CAC under judge Ruth Wagner and Jameeli is now Luxemburg champion. Congratulations, Chantal!


At Stockholm International Easter Show Katie won another breed. This time under Magnus Hagstedt, from Sweden. She was later group third. Rios was BOB puppy and runner-up puppy in show, judged by Erna-Britt Nordin.


Today at Malmö INT Miss Katie (Int Nord Ch EuJW-11 NoV-11 NordV-12 SeV-12 Qirmizi Magnolia) was BOB under Anki Johansson, group first under Jadranka Smojver-Selimovic and BIS-3 under Boris Spoljaric. There were almost 4000 dogs entered. We are so proud of our little girl. Her sister Wilma (Dk ch NordJV-11 Qirmizi Mirabelle) won the CAC and is now Swedish champion as well.


Int Ch Qirmizi Jameeli was BOB at the show in Montluçon, France and won the lure coursing competition the day after. She was best sighthound of Beauty and Performance.


Rios (Qirmizi Ovation) was shown for the first time today at the international allbreed show in Strängnäs. He won best puppy under Kurt Nilsson and was later BIS-3 puppy under Hans Almgren, defeating more than 150 puppies. At the same show Katie (Int Nord Ch EuJW-11 NoV-11 NordV-12 SeV-12 Qirmizi Magnolia) was Best of Breed, judged by Kurt Nilsson and best in group judge by Anette Edlander. In the Best in Show final that was judged the day after by Åke Cronander, she was BIS-3 under. There were 3.300 dogs entered. What a day!



At the international allbreed show in Niort, France Jameeli was BOS and won the CAC and CACIB under judge Mr Bertrand Piau, from France.


Int Cat Ch Qirmizi L'Aquila won Best of Breed and CACIB at the international allbreed show in TRoyes, France. Judge was Rita Kadike Skadina, from Latvia. Congratulations to Yves and Sandrine!


NordjV-11 NoV-12 Se No Dk Ch Qirmizi Meridian won the qualifying CACIB in Fredericia, Denmark today and is now also an international champion. He was also best of breed. Judge was Lars Adeheimer, from Sweden.

At Paris international dogshow Ch Qirmizi Jameeli was Best of breed, with CACIB under Mr Kerihuel, from France.


Ch Qirmizi Jameeli was Best of breed under Jean Luis Grünheid, from France at the international allbreed show in Bordeaux today. Her brother Ch Qirmizi Joshua was BOS. Both won the CACIB. Later Jameeli was second in group, judged by L Heinesche, from Luxemburg.

Joshua and Jameeli together with owner Chantal

Jameeli group second