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Wonderful result at the Nordic Winnershow in Stockholm for Rios who won BOB under Ronald James from England. Rios was later Best In Group under Dagmar Kenis Pordham, England, and finally BIS -3 under Paul Stanton from Sweden. This was the third year in a row that Rios won the group at the Nordic Winnershow. He is the fifth of our salukis to win the group at Stockholm International, the largest show of the year in Sweden. This year with over 8000 entries.


2015-10-30 Växjö

At the Swedish Kennelclub's international allbreedshow in Växjö, Rios won BOB and Katie BOS. Breedjudge was Inga Siil from Estonia. Rios was later second in the sighthoundgroup under Magnus Hagstedt, Sweden.

2015-08-22 FCI Eurosighthound, Denmark

The Danish Sighthoundclub arranged the Eurosoghthound show in Broholm. Rios won BOB and Katie BOS under judge Olaf Knauber from Germany. Harley was shown as a veteran for the first time and was BIS veteran. Rios was later BIS-4.

Photo by Mari Riitinki

Photo by Kaj Fröling

Photo by Martin Wacherhausen


Gucci, BIS SBIS Int Nord Ch NV-05 SV-05 NV-06 NordV-06 SV-08 NV-08 NordV-08 DKV-11 DKKV-11 Qirmizi Global Temptress won the breed at the international allbreed show in Norrköping under Birgitta Svarstad, from Sweden and was group second under Kitty Sjong, from Denmark at the age of 11 years.


Gucci who is 11,5 years old, won Best in Show veteran at the allbreed international show in Ronneby under Karsten Birk, from Denmark. We are so proud of our beautiful girl. Her son Rios was BOB under Bengt Bogren and group second under Gunnar Nymann, from Denmark.


Katie won the breed under Henrik Härling, the group under Svante Frisk and was BIS-2 under Annika Ulltveit-Moe at the allbreed show in Askersund. More than 2000 dogs were entered.
Qirmizi Pashina won 4th best bitch and CAC.

2015-08-03 Donaueschingen, Germany

Rios won BOB today in Donaueschingen. Judge for males was Sofie Krigholm. He was later awarded BIS under Barbara Ruth Smith and eventually Supreme BIS under Michael Canalizo, USA.
Photo by Anna Szabo

2015-07-26 SvVK Strömsholm

At the Sighthoundclub'show by Strömsholm' Castle, Qirmiz Paganini won the cac and was second best male. He was also BIS intermediate. His sister, Qirmizi Pashmina, won the bitch cac and was third best bitch. Their mother, Ch Qirmizi Magnolia was econd best bitch. Elizabeth Guthrie from Australia judged the males and Roberto Forsoni from Italy judged the females. Congratulations to Susanna Mäkelä and Anne Li Emanuelsdotter on Niilo's and Ilona's cac wins.



Katie, Pashmina, Paganini

2015-07-25 SvSR Strömsholm

The Swedish Salukiclub held this years specialty in the garden of Strömsholm Castle. Very successful show for us as Rios went BIS. Second best male was Susanna Mäkelä's Qirmizi Paganini who also won the cac. He was also BIS intermediate with BOS intermediate to his sister Qirmizi Pashmina. Judges were Elizabeth Guthrie, El Arabie Salukis (for females and BIS) and Roberto Forsoni, Kan Ya Ma Kan Salukis (males). 125 were entered.


Katie was BOB and group-3 under Nenne Runsten, Sweden, while Gucci was Best in Show veteran under Lisbeth Mach, from Switzerland.


At the allbreed show in Tvååker Katie won the breed under Tino Pehar, Croatia and was group third under BoBengtsson, from USA.


Mis Katie, Int Se No Dk CH JEW-11 NoV-11 NordV-12 SeV-12 WW-14 NoV-14 NordV-14 Qirmizi Magnolia won BEST IN SHOW at the allbreed show in Borås. The breed was judged by John Reeve-Newson, from Canada, the group by Sanda Terzic and BIS by Richard Meen, from Canada. More than 3100 dogs were entered. Photo by Per Undén


Katie won Best in Show at the Sighthoundspecialty in Tånga Hed today. Breed was judged by Björn Fritz and BIS was judged by all the judges at the show. We are so proud of our girl.
Photo by Lollo Svärd.


We had a fantastic day at the international allbreed show in Norrköping, when Katie won BEST IN SHOW. More than 2300 dogs were entered. Judges were Per Lundström, Sweden and Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway.

2015-05-02 Lidköping

Littermates Qirmizi Parsifal and Pashmina had a wonderful day at the international allbreedshow in Lidköping. Parsifal won the cac and cacib before winning best male and BOB. Pashmina won the bitch cac and was third among the females, both from intermediateclass. Parsifal continued to win Best In Group and finally BIS-2. Big congrats to Parsifal's owners Lena and Janne and of course to Anne Li Emaunelsdotter won owns Pashmina. Very proud of the youngsters.


Ch Qirmizi Nardini was BOB and Group 2nd at the international show in Maribor. Judge was Iris Urschitz, Austria. Congratulations to owners Maja & Darko.

2015-03-07 Crufts

Rios won the cc and BOB at the Crufts under Keith Thornton, England. He was later also Best in Houndgroup under Carla Molinari from Portugal.


At the international show in Chateauroux Multi ch Qirmizi Jameeli was best of breed. Judge was Mr Fox, from France. She was also among the five best sighthounds in the group under Desquartier-Diacquenod, from France.


28 Feb. FinjW-14, HejW-14 Qirmizi Paganin (Niilo) won BOB and BIG-2 in Tallin under Harto Stockmari, Finland. Congratulations to owner Susanna Mäkelä, who did even better with Niilo the following day. Niilo was BOB, BIG and BIS-4. Judges were Galyna Kalinichenko, Russia and Gunnar Nymann, Denmark.

2015-01-03, 04

At the intenational allbreedshows in Gothenburg, we showed Rios the first day and Katie the second. Rios was BOB under Lisbeth Liljeqvist and groupsecond under Åge Gjetnes. Katie won BOB under Frank Sabella and groupfourth under Henrik Johansson.