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2016-12-09 Stockholm, Sweden

Qirmizi Ovation was BOB in an entry of 76 salukis under Eddie Patterson from Ireland at the last show of the year, Stockholm International. He went on to win BIG under Liz Cartledge, UK and finally BIS-4 under Mr Pinto Teixeira from Portugal in an entry of 6000+ dogs. "Rios" went to 15 shows during 2016 and was undefeated at breedlevel with an average entry of 32 salukis at the shows he attended. This made him mostwinning saluki and mostwinning dog ALL BREEDS in Sweden 2016.

2016-12-08 Stockholm, Sweden

Rios was BOB at the International dogshow in Stockholm. BOS went to his daughter Tarah, Aziz Qitarah. She is just 11 months old and this was her first official show. Judge was Bjørg Foss, from Norway and 54 salukis were entered.


We just learned that Rios will respresent Sweden at The Eukanuba World Challenge, which will be held together with Crufts in Birmingham, England March 8th 2017. Ad by Marie Palmqvist.



CH Qirmizi Parsifal won Best in show at the Danish Sighthoundclub's Specialty in Nyborg. The breed was judged by Regina Tromp-Pruyn, Holland and BIS by Frank Kane, England. Qirmizi Quinnmoor was BIS-Baby at the same show.

2016-09-10/11 Eslöv, Sofiero

What a remarkable awesome day. SBIS Se Ch Qirmizi Pashmina was Best of Breed AND Best in Show at the Sighthound Specialty today under breed specialist Joy McFarlane. 60 salukis were entered in the breed. Pashmina was shown by her owner in Best in Show! Well done, Anne-Li!  Her brother Parsifal was second best male.
Rios won BOB and group firts at the all breed show in Eslöv yesterday and returned today to compete in Best in show and won!!! 2.800 dogs were entered! Best was judged by Harto Stockmari from Finland, breed and group by Arne Foss from Norway.

2016-08-28 Helsinki, Finland

Qirmizi Paganini "Niilo" won BOB today under Jens Myrman at Helsinki all breeds show. Congratulations Susanna!

2016-08-28 Norrköping, Sweden

Tarah (Aziz Qitarah) was BIS-3 puppy and her father, Rios (C.I.B. Se No Dk Fi Ch Multi BIS SBIS NoJV-13 FinV-13 NordV-13 NoV-14 NordV-14 Amsterdam Winner-14 Eurosighthound Winner-15 Qirmizi Ovation) was Best in Show in Norrköping International allbreed show over 2.700 dogs. He was judged by Birgitta Svarstad in breed and group and by Tim Thomas, Australia in Best in Show. This win made him currently number 1 all breeds! We are so proud of our sweet boy. Photo by Saori.

2016-07-31 Strömsholm, Sweden

At the Sighthound specialty Tarah was BIS-3 puppy and Pashmina won the champion class once again. She later went best bitch under Jenny Macro, England and Best of Breed under Mary White, from Canada. What a fantastic achievment going BOB both days at our big specialty weekend. The success didn't stop there and Pashmina went Best In Show under Gilberto Grandi, from Italy. A huge congratulations to Pashmina's owner, Anne-Li!

Photo by Malin Westlie

2016-07-30 Strömsholm, Sweden

Tarah (Aziz Qitarah) was BIS puppy at the Salukispecialty at Strömsholm and Qirmizi Pashmina won the champion class, was best bitch and in the end BIS at our big specialty with almost 200 salukis entered! We are so proud of her!

2016-07-23 Köping, Sweden

Great day at Köping international allbreed show, where Rios was BOB under Svante Frisk and group second under Kitty Sjong, Qirmizi Pashmina was second best bitch with reserve-CACIB, that will become CACIB as best bitch already is an international champion. Congratulations, Anne-Li! Finally little Tarah was Best in Show puppy!

Photo by Saori Wohlin


We had a wonderful weekend at Halland Kennel Club's allbreed shows. In an entry of 44 salukis on Friday, Rios (C.I.B. Se No Dk Fi Multi BIS SBIS NoJV-13 FinV-13 NordV-13 NoV-14 NordV-14 Amsterdam Winner-14 Eurosighthound Winner-15 NordV-15 Qirmizi Ovation) was Best of Breed and group second under Bitte Ahrens Primavera, kennel Sobers. His daughter Aziz Qitarah, bred by Stina and Janette Jalkanen, was Best in Show-2 puppy. On Saturday in an entry of 40 salukis, Rios was again BOB, judged by Gerard Jipping, from Holland, who also awarded him group first. He was later Best in Show third in an entry of 3.500 dogs, while Tarah was again BIS-2 puppy.

2016-06-12 Vänersborg, Sweden

Rios won Best in Show today under Michael Leonard, from Ireland. Breed and group was judged by György Tesics, from Hungary.


2016-06-12 Vejen, Denmark

Ch Qirmizi Parsifal won BOB and BIG-2 today at the int show in Vejen, Denmark. Photo by Lotte Evers.

2016-06-11 Vejen, Denmark

Nord UCH Qirmizi Parsifal gained his CIB title today under judge Gunnar Nyman. He ended up BOB and BOG 2

2016-06-05 Norrköping, Sweden

Back home from a fantastic day at the allbreed show in Norrköping, were Katie's daughter Se Ch Qirmizi Pashmina, owned by Anne-Li Emanuelsdotter was best bitch and Rios (C.I.B. Se No Dk Fi Multi BIS SBIS NoJV-13 FinV-13 NordV-13 NoV-14 NordV-14
Amsterdam Winner-14 Eurosighthound Winner-15 Qirmizi Ovation) was BOB under Tino Pehar from Croatia, won the group and was Best in Show under Marja Talvitie, from Finland over 2300 dogs. This is the most well organized show in Sweden and we really enjoyed the weekend in the company of good friends.


We are expecting puppies in the end of July. Thank you for the wonderful ad, Renata!

2016-05-21 Hässleholm, Sweden

Rios was Best of Breed and later third in group at the international all breed show in Hässleholm. Breed was judged by Moa Persson, Sweden and group by Maria-Louise Doppelreiter, Austria. Congratulations Lena and Janne!

2016-05-15 Rauma, Finland

Qirmizi Paganini was BOB and BIG-3 at all breeds show in Rauma under Jarmo Vuorinen, from Finland.

2016-05-14/15 Landskrona, Sweden

Aziz Qitarah went to her first show today and won Best Baby in Show at the Swedish Sighthound specialty in Landskrona. Judge was breed specialist Katrina Fleener Hamilton. She really enjoyed the time in the ring and was thrilled with the teddy "camel" that she won.

Tarah was even BIS Baby at the Sighthound Specialty the day after. Photo by Valeria Bistulfi.

2016-05-01 Tampere, Finland

Today at Tampere international dog show Qirmizi Paganini was second best male under Kirsti Louhi. He got also res-CACIB, which will be confirmed as a CACIB. That makes him International Champion!

2016-04-24 Rimbo, Sweden

Qirmizi Pashmina gained her lure coursing licence today. Congratulations Anne-Li!

2016-03-30 Skælsør, Denmark

Nord CH Qirmizi Parsifal went BOB and BIS-3 at the sighthound specialty in Skælskør, Denmark today. Judge was Svante Frisk, from Sweden.

2016-03-13 Strängnäs, Sweden

We had a great day at the international allbreed show in Strängnäs yesterday. Rios (C.I.B. Se No Dk Fi Multi BIS SBIS NoJV-13 FinV-13 NordV-13 NoV-14 NordV-14 Amsterdam Winner-14 Eurosighthound Winner-15 Qirmizi Ovation) was Best of Breed and group second. Ilona (Se Ch Qirmizi Pashmina) was BOS and her brother Diego (Se No Dk Ch Qirmizi Parsifal) was second best male. There were 28 salukis entered and judges were Jens Myrman, Sweden (breed) and Per Lundström, Sweden (group). Congratulations Anne-Li, Lena and Janne, owners of Ilona and Diego. Thank you for the wonderful photo of Rios, Anne-Li.

2016-03-13 Graz, Austria

Qirmizi Nardini was BOB at the international all breed show in Graz. Congratulations Darko and Maja! Judge was Zeljko Gajic.

2016-03-16 Vilnius, Lithuania

Ch Qirmizi Paganini was Best of Breed at the international all breed show in Vilnius today. With this he gained the Lithuanian champion title. Congratulations Susanna!


Rios had a very good weekend at the two international allbreedshows in Gothenburg. In Salukientries over 50 both days, Rios won BOB both days with one group first and one groupsecond. Qirmizi Parsifal gained the qualifying CAC and is now Se No and Dk Ch. Congratulations Lena and Janne!