Dk Se Ch NordJV-11
Qirmizi Mirabelle
Born: 2010-07-02

Wilma is one of our two choices from our M-litter. She was the puppy we just couldn't part with. She reminds us very much of Gucci as a puppy and has many of the same nice features as Gucci has. Her confirmation is beautiful.

Wilma is more aloof than Katie and does not offer as many kisses, but her cute personality makes her so lovable and we have a hard time resisting her, when she sits down infront of us, demanding our attention by giving us her paw. She lives with our close friends Mette Mørkegaard and Martin Wacherhausen in Denmark.

Wilma also has  lure coursing licence.

We lost Wilma tragically in April 2013, due to a septicemia. She left a big hole in our hearts.


Dk Se Ch JWW-08
Feisal's Fadil Fariq Ibn Salar

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